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"I'm a 21 year old woman. I just saw your videos on You Tube (by a very lucky accident) - deaths of porn stars and 'ex porn star tells the truth about porn' the one in which you are wearing a pink shirt. I was addicted to porn since I was twelve. Your videos have cured me instantly. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Please pray that I may never watch porn again. I loved your videos. You told me things that my mother never did. Thank you again." -a porn viewer

"Someone online mentioned that porn stars are abused, so I Googled "are porn stars abused". Your page came up and I read the stories. I will never watch porn again, it's terrible and unethical. It seems like modern enslavement or human trafficking." -a porn viewer

"Thank you for your beautiful message and the work you do with the industry. I learned so much from your site and I will never look at pornography industry the same." -a porn viewer

"People, like me, who get into viewing pornography often find it difficult to stop and I know of many people who have been destroyed by the addiction that viewing pornography can become. It is for this reason that I am so grateful for the stand you so bravely take. It is sickening to realize the abuse and degradation that I was supporting by my viewer-ship. I now visit your site often to remind myself of the hurt the adult film industry causes, and of the fact that there are people who are hurting in front of those cameras." -a porn viewer

"Without Shelley Lubben I would not be here today! God sent her to rescue me from the destruction that the porn industry inflicted upon me. She is a refreshing serum of truth behind the scenes of the seedy and sinister shadows that exist in the porn industry, shadows that wait endlessly to consume innocence and all that is moral. Thank you Shelley, the world needs you and The Pink Cross Foundation." – Jan Meza, former porn actress Elizabeth Rollings.

"Since the first time talking to Shelley and starting college and reading her book she has kept in touch with me EVERY SINGLE WEEK. She has sent me care packages and beautiful cards and even a Christmas present! Shelley has since continued to “feed the champion in me” on a weekly basis. Through Jesus Christ, Shelley has touched my life in a tremendous way. She has introduced me to some truly wonderful people to befriend me who are connected to The Pink Cross and she has taken me in as her own. She is the mother to me that I always longed for." - Morgan, former teen prostitute

"Shelley Lubben is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Her love, support, and guidance in my life has been of countless value." – Karly, former porn star Becca Bratt

"A MILLION thanks to Shelley for helping me through this along with the everyone who supports ThePink Cross Foundation. With their help, I was recently able to gain strength after quitting my job at the tanning salon because I needed to step outside of myself to see the bigger picture and self medicating yourself with marijuana does nothing but kill you spirit (yes, porn does effect your life after you leave no matter what you are doing outside of the industry). I'm sober now and feel amazing! The truth really does set you free and I'm thankful to God everyday for my new life." – Tammie, former porn star Tamra Toryn

"I am so grateful for Pink Cross Foundation for reaching out to me and helping me better myself. I'm now strong enough to stand up and say, "I'm done with this horrible industry!" Thank you Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation for loving me and seeing me as the greatwoman I am." – Amanda, former porn star Erin Moore

"Shelley is a truly caring & loving human being. She believed in me and continues to do so. Thanks to her I am 1 year yr & 3 months free of being a porn actress. I love that woman!" – Former porn star Neesa

"With God as my foundation, Shelley helped pour that concrete for us. She was a guiding light in a dark tunnel. We shall all be free." – Tanya, former porn star Jersey Jaxin

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