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Shelley Lubben Speaking Resume

Professional Speaker Since 2004 -- Over 500 paid presentations, radio shows, TV interviews, documentaries, debates and news features

Featured in Los Angeles Times (four times), The Washington Times, TIME, Examiner (seven times)Charisma Magazine, SALVO Magazine, Enhance Magazine, LA Weekly, The Guardian, Huffington Post,  Reuters, MSNBC, Relevant Magazine, National Catholic Register, Times of India,  along with many other national and international newspapers and periodicals. 

Featured on the Dr. Drew Show (three times), Dr. Phil Show, Fox News LA (three times), MTV, Nightline, The 700 Club, TBN, The Joni Show, Howard Stern Show, VH1, plus many other radio and television stations nationwide and international.

Featured in documentaries, After Porn Ends, 10 Seconds, Traffic Control, Out of the Darkness

Shelley Lubben is President and Chief Spokesperson for Pink Cross Foundation, the largest and only organization that reaches out to and rescues women and men out of pornography while also educating America and the rest of the world about the truth behind the fantasy of porn while also combating pornography in any way possible.

Major Speaking Clients include:

Concerned Women For America, Cambridge Union Society, Pepperdine University, UCLA, University of Toledo Ohio, Capitol Hill (Washington D.C.), California State Capitol, LA City Council, PureHOPE, Preventing Abuse Conferences, BLAST! Event, Catch the Fire Toronto, High Desert Men's Meeting, Southern California Chaplain's Association, Source De View Pour Les Nations Church, Valley Bible Fellowship, MyChurch Columbus, Adventure Church, Cornerstone Church Fresno, Extreme Tour Outreach and many others.


"Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn" - To read about it click here.

Ten things you probably didn't know about Shelley:
  • Shelley self-taught herself several web programming languages during her recovery which led her to a great job in Seattle as a software engineer at a marketing company creating complex graphing systems for companies such as AT&T.

  • Shelley gave up her web programming career and started her own web design and graphic design business so she could be a stay-at-home Mommy for her three daughters.

  • Shelley LOVES graphic design. She is a Photoshop Junkie! Extra: She designs most of the pamphlets for Pink Cross herself.

  • Shelley is an ex military Mom. Garrett her husband served the US Army for seven years on Fort Lewis and Fort Sam Houston. (Yes, the Lubben family who founded Pink Cross Foundation and who is tearing down the porn industry is an ex military family who is disciplined, focused and unafraid of the porn industry! HUAH!)

  • Shelley gave natural birth to her third daughter Abigail under water. She planned a home birth and a midwife helped her deliver her baby. Abigail was the first baby born on a military base in a bathtub. It was in the news!

  • Shelley loves to study her Christian Hebraic Roots. She has her Doctorate in Theology and Masters in Christian Counseling.

  • Shelley is very passionate about a lot more than just porn such as: abortion (pro-life), eschatology. Hebraic Roots of Christianity, Hebrew language, and a lot more!

  • Shelley has read over 1,000 books in her lifetime.

  • Shelley loves to cook! Her favorite meals are mediterranean style. Of course, she is part Italian!

  • Shelley would love to be elected to a public office someday. She is a thoughtful strategist, a true public servant and a skilled trouble shooter who welcomes challenges.

Click here for Shelley's extensive resume.

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