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February 2014


HIV Positive Gay Porn Star Arrested for Sexual Assault of 14 Year Old Boy

by shelleylubben

Gay porn performer Mike Dozer, whose real name is Christoper Steele and is known for his risky bareback "condomless" porn, has been charaged with sexual assault of a 14 year old boy he stalked online. Steele, who is also HIV-Positive and who thinks condoms are a...

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Dumb Pornographers Attempt to Avoid Safety and Health Laws and Relocate to Las Vegas

by shelleylubben

This one will really make you laugh.

According to industry blogger Mike South, a company named “South American Produce Inc” is the new name that pornographer Eddie Arenas (Naughty America) chose for his new production company set up in Las Vegas to shoot there. Naughty America let go all of its’s L.A. based directors and...

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