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Garrett Lubben
Atomic Shell, Inc.
WHEN: FRIDAY, September 20 2013—-7:00pm - See more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1407801766106722/
Porn Star Supports Prime Minister’s UK Porn Ban in Debate at Exeter
Former Porn Star Dr. Shelley Lubben Supports Prime Minster in Debate Against UK Smut Producers
LOS ANGELES, CA. – Former Porn Star Dr. Shelley Lubben, whose book Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn has ripped the lid off of the porn industry - has been invited to the University of Exeter in the UK to debate the issue of pornography with what Exeter labels “an all-female panel.” 
The feminist panel will debate at the University of Exeter where Lubben will argue the merits of the porn industry, facing off against erotic author and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers / Zak Jane Keir and columnist for the Guardian / Jane Fae formerly known as John Ozimek, a former Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate who made front page news when he had a sex change and turned himself into a woman.
The topic of the debate, which both Keir and Fae support, is: "This house believes that pornography does a good public service." 
Lubben, who starred in about 30 movies, left the porn industry in 1994 when she caught genital herpes, a non-curable disease, and HPV, which led to cervical cancer where she had half of her cervix removed.  Lubben has experienced the abuses in the industry firsthand and has detailed those accounts in her book and will be arguing against the industry. 
"Porn is sex trafficking. Women are recruited to engage in commercial sex acts by force, fraud and coercion. Women are choked, gagged, ripped, and spit upon while being called names like "slut", "cunt" and "whore". When people view porn they are masturbating to violence against women," she said. 
Lubben also adds that the porn industry “is a drug infested and sexually diseased industry” and lists STD statistics from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on her website where 2,396 cases of chlamydia, 1,389 cases of gonorrhea and 26 cases of HIV are reported among porn performers since 2004. Furthermore, after extensive research into the premature deaths of porn stars, Lubben confirms that 205 porn stars have died from AIDS, suicide, homicide, drugs and premature deaths between 2003 and 2013. After analyzing the deaths it was discovered that the average life expectancy of a porn performer is only 36.2 years whereas the average life expectancy of an American is 78.6 years.
In addition to being an author and researcher, Lubben serves as President of the Pink Cross Foundation rescuing men and women that are trapped in the porn industry. Lubben is also a leading advocate working tirelessly to expose the hazardous work conditions and the truth about the modern day porn slave trade. 
Lubben plans to meet with government officials and anti-pornography organizations to join in support of Prime Minister David Cameron and his campaign to block porn in the UK.
To learn more about Shelley Lubben please visit www.shelleylubben.com or Pink Cross Foundation at www.thepinkcross.org  

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