VJ Soporno Shares his Story of Hope to Start a new life

     I was always the type to need to be center of attention. If I wasn’t the center of attention, I felt like the outcast. It’s usually either one or the other, no middle ground for people like us. Furthermore, no amount of attention (with the exception of from the occasional stalker which was too much attention) was really satisfying. […]

Ex Male Porn Star Trent Roe’s Story

My name is Ryan and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois and I’m 37. I’ve been a Christian for a little over a year. However, I didn’t come to know God until Nov. 2007 when I got the chance to go on the Encounter retreat. To start with, I have to explain to you that I was […]

Hardcore Sinner – Teen Porn Actress Diamond Turns to God

I met Kristenye, formerly known as Diamond, on Myspace and was immediately drawn to her because I something very special in her. In only a few months Kristenye has quit the adult industry and is now in recovery. She now wants to use her story to help others learn the truth about the porn industry and to inspire women to leave […]