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Endorsements from Religious, Government and Health Officials, Non-profit Organizations and Former Porn Stars
"We had the pleasure of having Dr Shelley and Garrett Lubben minister at our church in September, 2013. They were very accommodating and easy to deal with and I would highly recommend them. If the subject of pornography is not handled correctly can cause a lot of problems but Shelley and Garrett minister with great wisdom, compassion and honor for people.
Shelley is very transparent in her presentation as she shares her testimony of what her life was like in the sex industry. She speaks very strongly about the deceit of pornography, ripping away the veil and allowing people to see it for what it really is. However she ministers to those caught in it with great compassion so that they don’t feel condemned but can repent and walk into freedom.
Garrettt who is also a great speaker, is a powerful example of God’s love in action, as he has been with Shelley through her recovery. Garrett brings a powerful message from the heart which gives people hope. I would also highly recommend him as a speaker for any men’s event, as he is able to share a testimony of unconditional love that will inspire other men.
By the end of the weekend many came forward repenting, saying a light turned on inside them causing them to see pornography for what it is and that for the first time they felt free. This change has continued in the majority of the people.
Shelley breathed hope into us as a church that this was not a hopeless situation, but that we could do something to put a stop to the sex trafficking / pornography industry. If possible, have them speak for 2 -3 consecutive services so they can take people on a journey to freedom, instead of just providing information.
Their love and passion for the people is easily observed as they will stay for hours after a service to minister to people who need help. People are comfortable talking with them because they are so transparent and you can feel Gods love and power flowing through them.."
Rev. Mark Murack
Lead Pastor
Christian Victory Church
"We had the privilege of having Shelley speak to our 3 weekend services, at a parent luncheon and to our high school students on the weekend of September 30, 2012. It was a profound time for our body. Her speaking was a morning full of spiritual truths and nuggets of hope for our body. Shelly came to us, just as she is. There is a rawness in her communicating that breathes authenticity and life into her message. She cares deeply for those in need, for marriages and for families. We were so glad to have her with us and for the ministry that she brought to us. We give her our endorsement for a weekend that will impact your body."
Peter Yoshonis
Lead Pastor
Spring Lake Wesleyan Church
"In the early part of 2012, Catch the Fire Toronto invited Shelley to minister on three occasions, once specifically to men. We were not disappointed. Rarely does one come across as someone as qualified by life experience, yet anointed by the Holy Spirit to address issues that many in the church prefer to keep hidden. Catch the Fire unapologetically seeks to lovingly yet firmly confront issues that hinder love in our lives, many of which pertain to sexual brokenness. Shelley demonstrated authority and anointing to address these issues in a way that few could match. She facilitated the breaking of shame & a release of laughter from the midst of deeply painful realities. Feedback after Shelley's departure was extremely positive with many receiving significant healing as a result of her life message and ensuing ministry. I believe the Lord has strategically called & positioned Shelley Lubben, like a David to Goliath, to confront industries that contribute significantly to sexual brokenness, with an aim to restore what was stolen from men & women alike. As the church prays & those like Shelley take up their 'sling & 5 stones', the Kingdom of God will advance & captives will be set free. For individuals, families, ministries or organizations with courage to confront and a heart to heal & restore sexual depravity and brokenness, I cannot withhold wholehearted recommendation for Shelley Lubben & Pink Cross Foundation as a key player in this journey."
John Bootsma
Lead Pastor
Catch the Fire - Airport Campus
"For the several years that I was in charge of enforcement of federal laws against obscene pornography for the U.S. Department of Justice I wondered why the women in the pornography industry didn't have a champion to lead them out of the destructive, seedy lifestyle of porn. Now they do. Shelley Lubben is one of the most dynamic, energetic leaders in the country and she is devoting her full efforts to the fight against the sexually exploitive, criminal enterprises of the industry. Many are saved due to her efforts but we are all enlightened and encouraged by her wonderful work."
Patrick A. Trueman, former chief, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.
"Dear Shelley, thanks so much for your participation and leadership at the CONVERGENCE summit. Your contribution as a speaker was a great blessing. Your experience, insight and knowledge contributed mightily to the work. The feedback we've received from attendees has been stunningly positive."
Religious Alliance Against Pornography
Most Revered George Niederauer, Archbiship of San Francisco, Reverend Dr. Jerry Kirk, Founder of PureHOPE, Rick Schatz, President of PureHOPE
"Shelley was a part of our Spiritual Emphasis Week and provided a truly authentic and thought provoking perspective of the pornography industry. Her presentation had a profound impact on our students; the message was engaging, heartfelt and relevant for this generation."
Jeff Ward, Vice President of Student Life
Bakersfield Christian High School
"America! Read and be encouraged by this empowering work by Shelley Lubben, “Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn”, whose beauty, integrity and wholehearted devotion is daily testimony to God’s power to ennoble the shattered victims of the sexual revolution. I have been especially honored to work alongside Shelley, who rescues and uplifts wounded and battered women and men from their brutalized pornography traffickers. I truly view Shelley Lubben as one of God’s miracles, a dynamite moral reformer to inspire us all."
Judith A Reisman, PhD’s latest book is Sexual Sabotage (2010). She is The Inter-American Institute Distinguished Senior Fellow and co-author of “Human Sexuality and Sexual Deviance.” 
"Your ministry in Bratislava, Slovakia was definitely one of the milestones for our youth & YA ministry. 600 individual lives of people in the auditorium will never be the same because of what you shared and hundreds more were touched through the online broadcasting. I get emails from people from all over Slovakia who were deeply touched by the truths that you shared. The truth about pornography, truth about sin, but most of all - the truth about God's radical grace and love for us.
Watching you and Garret pray for individual people almost 1.5 hours after the event was just a great testimony of your true love for God and people. I personally met at least a dozen people who came because of an invitation although they were not born-again believers. Couple days ago I went for lunch with a man who came to the event because his wife sent him:-) They have two children and their marriage is in crisis because of pornography. He had no idea where he was going, but the Lord touched him, he came for prayer and is on the best path to receive Christ. One of our biggest TV stations - TV Markiza and magazine .Tyzden are covering your story in the coming weeks. We pray thousands more will be impacted. Some of the churches are even planning to screen your talk to their youth groups.
Thank you so much for taking the time & heart to invest into our country. We stand with you and will keep you informed about what God is doing."
Vladimir Zak 
YA Pastor, Bratislava City Church
"Shelley Lubben is an ardent advocate for adult industry performers.  Ms. Lubben understands, as only a former performer can, that it can be a painful road back from porn. Shelley has strongly supported our efforts to make condoms mandatory in porn and has been an important spokesperson for the protection of this vulnerable population."
Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the nation's largest HIV/AIDS medical care organization
"In an age when porn is popular and sexual media is everywhere, Shelley Lubben stands as powerful voice of reason in our culture. No one shatters the illusion created by pornography the way Shelley does. Most importantly, Shelley gives the sexually broken what they truly need: a passionate call to embrace Jesus Christ. In Him addicts find healing and porn stars find hope."
Luke Gilkerson, Covenant Eyes
"The American and global culture is morally disintegrating. Human trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is exponentially growing. Pornography is a part of the elements fueling the demand. Shelley Lubben is a dynamic woman on a mission to redeem the nation and victims enslaved by pornography. Her life shows the power of Christ's redemption and now she is on a mission to expose the truth. I am pleased to count her and her ministry as a friend. She has been a regular speaker at the Preventing Abuse Conferences on human trafficking, child abduction, Internet safety,   Invariably, her presentations are charged with facts and emotional intensity.  She is exposing the truth and the nation is better for it. I support this work."
Tony Nassif, President and Founder of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation, the Preventing Abuse Conferences and author of "Jesus, Politics and the Church".
"Of all the Christians I’ve met, there are few who have a white hot passion for Jesus Christ like Shelley Lubben. Her story is an incredible testament to the power of God’s grace. The Lord is using her ministry in powerful ways to turn the sexually broken to Him, and I look forward to seeing how He will continue to use her in the future."
Mike Genung, Founder of Blazing Grace Ministries and Author of, "Road to Grace".
"Without Shelley Lubben I would not be here today! God sent her to rescue me from the destruction that the porn industry inflicted upon me. She is a refreshing serum of truth behind the scenes of the seedy and sinister shadows that exist in the porn industry, shadows that wait endlessly to consume women like me. Thank you Shelley, the world needs you and The Pink Cross Foundation."
- Jan Villarubia, former porn actress Elizabeth Rollings
"A MILLION thanks to Shelley for helping me through this along with everyone who supports The Pink Cross Foundation. With their help, I was able to gain strength after quitting my job because I needed to step outside of myself to see the bigger picture and self medicating yourself with marijuana does nothing but kill you spirit (yes, porn does effect your life after you leave no matter what you are doing outside of the industry). I'm sober now and feel amazing! The truth really does set you free and I'm thankful to God everyday for my new life."
- Tammy, former porn actress Tamra Toryn
"Shelley is a truly caring & loving human being. She believed in me and continues to do so. Thanks to her and Pink Cross Foundation I am three years free of being a porn actress. I love that woman!"
- Marcy, former porn actress Neesa
"With God as my foundation, Shelley helped pour that concrete for us. She was a guiding light in a dark tunnel. I thank God for her and Pink Cross Foundation for reaching out to me. We shall all be free."
- Tanya, former porn actress Jersey Jaxin
"Shelley Lubben is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Her love, support, and guidance in my life has been of countless value."
- Karly, former porn star Becca Bratt
"Since the first time talking to Shelley and starting college and reading her book she has kept in touch with me EVERY SINGLE WEEK. She has sent me care packages and beautiful cards and even a Christmas present! Shelley has since continued to “feed the champion in me” on a weekly basis. Through Jesus Christ, Shelley has touched my life in a tremendous way. She has introduced me to some truly wonderful people to befriend me who are connected to The Pink Cross and she has taken me in as her own. She is the mother to me that I always longed for."
- Morgan, former teen prostitute 
"I thank God for the Pink Cross Foundation and to Shelley for all of their love, support and prayers. Thank you Shelley and I love your friendship. I am proud to say that I am an Ex porn star thanks to the Pink Cross Foundation and especially to God and His Son Jesus Christ."
 - Sal, former male porn star Latin King of Erotica Sal McKvey
"The only hope I ever got from this devastating time was through the Pink Cross. Honestly, if it weren't for Pink Cross, I would be dead. Shelley Lubben has truly been my inspiration and I hope that I become like her one day.  She is very personalized with the sex workers rather than passive or aloof like many people who have organizations. She not only gave me advice, but also helped me get closer to God. She gave me a gift bag filled with lipstick, a book about God, and a signature letter telling me how special I am and how she was happy about how courageous I had been. Before the Pink Cross, I felt like there was really no hope.
Maxielle, former porn star Genevieve
"Offically two years ago I had hit rock bottom and was in such a dark place with no hope and didn't feel I had a reason to live. If anyone would've told me then I would be were I am today I would not have believed them, but thanks to all the wonderful people at Pink Cross & there supporters I can give this update. When I left the adult industry I had no clue what I was going to do I had a child on the way, no one or anyone to turn to and life had no meaning that is until I was introduced to TPC (The PInk Cross). I was very skeptical at first about why complete strangers wanted to help me & if they gained something from my heartache but all my worries were soon washed away. The love and support I recieved within a few days forever changed my life. I have a great job, I'm back in school, saved enough to get my own place, new friends, healed alot of broken friendships and a lifestyle that I am proud of. I would like to thank the Pink Cross, it's supporters and most of all Shelley for everything that she has done for me and my family. Without all of you I would've ended my life because one can not live this "world" alone. I don't always know what tomorrow will bring or what the future holds but I'm not afraid to face life anymore because with God & prayer anything is possible.
Nyesha, former porn star Mahila Milan
 "I left porn 3 ½ years ago because I just couldn’t do it anymore, especially after the rape. I found out about The Pink Cross Foundation at a booth at AVN. I think very highly of The Pink Cross team and Shelley Lubben. They have taught me important information about the industry that I should have known before I even got in. They treat me like I am human. They are very caring. Shelley sends me care packages often. And they are filled with love, information, great books.etc. It put tears in my eyes. I felt so loved. It had been a long time since someone loved me like that. She and the organization don’t force religion on anyone. I went to her and she treats me with love and respect. I like being around girls that are just like me - FORMER porn actresses. I am very thankful for Shelley’s team and all of their prayers."
Marcy, former porn star Neesa
 "I am so grateful for Pink Cross Foundation for reaching out to me and helping me better myself. I'm now strong enough to stand up and say, "I'm done with this horrible industry!" Thank you Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation for loving me and seeing me as the great woman I am."
- Amanda, former porn star Erin Moore

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