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Shelley Lubben, born on the heels of revolution on May 18, 1968, is one of the world’s leading reformers in the anti-pornography movement. A former porn star who performed under the stage name of Roxy, she left the porn industry in 1994. 

Upon her eight year recovery at the Champion’s Centre in Tacoma, Washington, she reentered society as a new Champion woman and began teaching and reaching out to women in prisons and rescue missions in Central California. Ordained as a Chaplain, Shelley is also a graduate of Vision International University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies. In January, 2013, Shelley finished her Master degree in Theology with an emphasis in Christian Counseling and her Doctorate degree in Theology from Summit Bible College.
In 2005, Shelley Lubben initiated an aggressive online marketing campaign, utilizing social networking Web sites in order to reach out to the porn industry. In 2007, Shelley established a faith-based organization called the Pink Cross Foundation. The group concentrates on outreach to and evangelism of those in the porn industry, especially performers, and offers support to those wishing to leave the industry. When women or men in the porn industry contact Pink Cross for help, Shelley and her team send care personalized packages filled with encouraging cards, books, Bibles, CDs, beauty supplies, gift cards, and other practical supports along with financial assistance to help them in their recovery. 
A secondary focus of Pink Cross is outreach to individuals seeking recovery from pornography addiction. Shelley began reaching out to those addicted to porn in 2004 when she came out publicly with her amazing story of escape and recovery from porn. She has written many articles and blogs on the porn industry and pornography addiction. Shelley also travels and ministers internationally on the harms of pornography and why every time someone clicks on porn they are contributing to modern day slavery. She has inspired the world to turn away from porn and turn back to the God of Creation, through His Son Jesus Christ, the ONLY source for true recovery and healing.

Shelley has authored the powerful book, “Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn”, where she gives a detailed candid account of the porn slave trade. Shelley has written over 200 articles and fact sheets, has served as President of Pink Cross Foundation since 2007 and is on the Board of Directors for International Institute for Cultural Renewal.

Shelley has told her amazing story and the truth about porn to thousands of international and national professional organizations, churches and universities, including numerous interviews and appearances on radio, TV and film. Shelley has been featured in several documentaries to include, “10 Seconds”, “Traffic Control”, “Out of the Darkness” and “After Porn Ends ”

Shelley is known as an expert witness against the porn industry and has testified at California State Capitol for Assemblymembers Charles M. Calderon and Mary Salas on the porn tax bill as well as testified on the horrific work conditions in the porn industry before Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Congressional staff and more. Shelley is tenacious in exposing every illegal aspect of the porn industry. Shelley and ex porn stars associated with Pink Cross foundation have been key witnesses that led to the passing of Measure B  where porn producers are now required in California to obtain a health permit for every porn shoot, offer safety and health training to workers and give the government access to location of the shoot. No longer can the porn industry get away with murder.  

Shelley has appeared on Nightline, FOX News, Dr. Drew Show, MTV, ABC 15, KGET, KERO, Dr. Phil, 700 Club, Joni Show, Howard Stern, Current TV and various Christian and secular TV shows. See her extensive resume online here.

In 2007 Shelley founded Pink Cross Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers hope, healing and support to women trapped in porn and sex work. Pink Cross also combats community deterioration due to pornography and prostitution through attempts to educate legislation about the illegally operating porn industry, to educate adult industry workers about sexually transmitted diseases and sex trafficking, to ameliorate the secondary negative effects of pornography on the general public and to toughen laws to protect children from accessing online pornography.

For her tireless efforts, Shelley has gained world-wide respect among anti-porn activists and the global public. But Shelley's success has come at a monumental price. She and her family have faced death threats, legal threats and extreme harassment by pornographers and pro-porn advocates. When Shelley is asked why she continues to fight in the face of such fierce opposition, Shelley boldly responds, "Pornography is destroying the entire world. How can I not use my God given gifts to fight against an evil that is taking out millions of people?"

Shelley Lubben is sought worldwide to speak, educate, testify, and counsel individuals, organizations, churches, professionals and governments regarding the illegally operating porn industry, sex trafficking, pornography addiction, recovery from sexual addiction and trauma, leaving behind the sex industry and how to live the Champion Life through the power of Jesus Christ. You may read her extensive speaking resume here.

To help Shelley continue her tenacious fight against porn and support her efforts to rescue women in porn please visit www.thepinkcross.org to donate. Thank you for joining our army against the porn modern day slave trade.

So enormous, so dreadful, so irremediable did the Trade's wickedness appear that my own mind was completely made up for Abolition. Let the consequences be what they would, I from this time determined that I would never rest until I had effected its abolition. - William Wilberforce

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