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Last weekend, we attended the very first End Exploitation Summit in Washington D.C. along with people from not only the United States but from several other countries like Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany and other countries.

The individuals couldn’t be more different than the person sitting next to them but came together for one common cause - to put an end to sexual exploitation...

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9-3 Vote for Condoms in Porn!

by shelleylubben

9-3 Vote for Condoms in Porn!

A measure that would require condom use in porn movies filmed in California cleared its final Assembly committee hurdle Wednesday.

Assemblyman Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) presented his measure, which also would require performers to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases at least every 14 days, as a workplace safety issue, arguing that testing and the use of condoms or...

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FOX 9 has investigated the death of a 19-year-old Stillwater High School graduate, a straight-A student who starred in one porn video and then took her own life after she was criticized on social media.

In the porn video that portrays a little girl painting Easter Eggs and skipping around in little girl panties in front of an older male, shot in Las Vegas by Casting Couch Videos, Stella...

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