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Male Porn Star Passes

by Jennlynn

Male Porn Star Deshaun Hayes passed away at the tender age of 37 years old. He appeared in more than 80 movies and even directing some.  The was known for DJ-ing and being in the clubs frequently but enjoying a quiet and private home life.   The cause of death has been reported as complications from liver disease, like many he fell into the lifestyle of porn star celebrity treatment.   We are... Continue Reading
He appeared in over 1,000 porn movies over a 23-year career. He received dozens of awards from the porn industry, making him, in his own words, the “most decorated male adult film star of all time.” And, in 2002, he reached the summit of the world of "adult" film when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.   And then in 2011 he abruptly retired.   Now, Greg has come forward with his story, and to... Continue Reading
Porn ruined you. Ruined us. When people asked, shocked, how I could leave such a funny, clever man, father of my children – “a good earner” as my mother put it – what could I say? I said it was me. My fault. I’d changed. Only it wasn’t me. It was your love of porn that slowly diminished my love and respect for you and destroyed my self-confidence. I couldn’t tell them and I’ve never said it... Continue Reading


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