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Former porn star Candice Vadala who went by the name Candida Royalle, in porn star and one of the first female directors in the adult film industry, has died at the age of 64 after battling ovarian cancer.      She spent many years tracking down her long lost birth mother only to find she had lost her own battle with the same diease.    Like many others in the industry, she struggled with... Continue Reading
Some soldiers were even caught in the act as British military personnel were disciplined for watching porn on their computers last year.   Thirty officers, senior non-commissioned officers and members of the Armed Forces were in trouble for "browsing inappropriate adult material", according to figures obtained by The Sun from the Ministry of Defense.   Some downloaded pornographic pictures and... Continue Reading
To all the young women thinking about doing porn; I didn’t find Jesus. I don’t hate porn. I didn’t have any bad experiences. But trust me when I tell you not to do it."   That's how former porn star Bree Olson begins her open letter to young women about why they should stay away from the porn industry. Instead of lamenting the stereotypical assumption that female porn stars are sluts, Olson had a... Continue Reading


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